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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Thu Jul 15 19:47:25 PDT 2004

On Thursday 15 July 2004 16:21, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork said the following on 15-07-2004 19:48:
> > One more question, :) just to see if I'm actually wrapping my brain
> > around this: this means that the current trunk, branches, tags in the
> > www repository will get moved to /html? And we create a new /templates?
> > Is that right?  Sorry for being so slow... I'm reading as much
> > Subversion stuff as I can.
> Yes; /html will contain the current site. I'm not sure about /templates
> yet though. We have a long-term todo to adjust the templates of viewcvs,
> bugzilla & mailman as well. It might be better to incorporate them
> similar to how we've incorporated TWiki (with all benefits of versioned
> configuration & easy upgrading).

Just a warning: make sure to change www "trunk" repository path on right after you make the reorganization, otherwise the 
website recreation will break. I'll add some code to avoid this though 
(basically exiting cleanly if the repository could not be exported).

Anderson Lizardo
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