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Grena@grena.spb.ru grena at grena.spb.ru
Thu Jul 15 09:59:54 PDT 2004


Hello,  my  name  is  Grigory.  I  have  made  LFS
bootable  disk based on [Chris Lingard]'s disk. It
allows to boot from it and start fully automatical
LFS  building  on  selected partition. May be, you
will           post           this           link:
http://grena.spb.ru/main.php?part=linux.  This  is
my  home  page.  I  think,  this iso will interest
linuxoids. Thank you.

Горелов Григорий
EMail : grena at grena.spb.ru
ICQ   : 161719677
MSN   : grena at softdeveloping.com

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