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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Jul 15 08:44:18 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork said the following on 15-07-2004 16:12:
> Okay, I have to admit.  I'm a bit confused.  Our current repository,
> 'www', looks like this.
> 	/branches
> 	/tags
> 	/trunk
> 	/twiki
> Are you suggesting that under 'www' we have the structure located at
> ?
> I'm sure I need to understand this better, but the suggestions made in
> the documentation of Subversion seem to indicate a structure like this:
> 	/trunk
> 		/html
> 		/twiki
> 		/templates
> 	/branches
> 	/tags
> If I'm totally off here, perhaps someone can point me in the direction
> of some good documentation?

Basically, it means that the primary organization principle will be the 
sub-project itself (html, twiki, templates), instead of the 
trunk/branches/tags layout. ALFS did the same thing, and I think it's 
more logical that way. That means that html, twiki and any other 
"self-contained" subprojects would get their own directory. These 
directories function as sub-repositories and thus contain the 
trunk/branches/tags layout. But since it's all in the same repository, 
we still get all benefits of data sharing and merging.

> Also, in the matter of twiki, when a webpage gets edited on the site,
> would we also have to then automate a subversion update?

No, I'd like to exclude such "volatile" data. It would unnecessarily 
complicate our setup, and we don't need the safety of version control or 
backups (since TWiki has its own version control and we have numerous 
mirrors as backup).

> In reference to
> July/003424.html
> I have some adjustments I'd like to make to the file which will
> enable the mirrors to automatically configure themselves, but I want to
> wait to commit until I understand what's going on. :)

My fault; I should have explained myself better :-)
The idea is to put our TWiki installation on under SVN as a 
branch of the original TWiki code (which is called trunk). When we 
update to a new version of TWiki, we can merge those changes into our 
branch. This mechanism allows us to maintain elaborate hacks, 
configuration changes etc.

This means that:
1. we need to import our current changes into branches/
2. checkins into branches/ need a post-commit action to 
update the actual site

I don't care if you wish to do the changes to now or later, but 
it might be easier if you do after we've succesfully done the above. I'm 
not too familiar with TWiki's installation & setup, so I'd rather let 
one of you guys do that, if you don't mind. Thanks,

Jeroen Coumans

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