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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Jul 15 02:03:22 PDT 2004

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Hi mirror admins,

As you may be aware, the website team is working hard on implementing a 
CMS for easy maintenance and more features for the website. This 
inevitably has consequences for our mirror setup. Until now, we've had a 
very simple setup: a mirror just rsyncs a directory and is done. That's 
going to change a bit. The CMS we've picked is TWiki; see It has been chosen because:
- it offers several possibilities of mirroring
- it has very modest server requirements (Perl in its most basic 
- it can fullfil all other functions that are requested by the 
community. See

Our requirements for the new mirror setup were:
- it should be integratable in RR-DNS
- page edits should only take place on belgarath
- mirroring should be easy and secure

Based on that, our proposal is as follows:
- we implement a RR-DNS system but keep belgarath reachable
- for updating of the pages, a user has to login. We will hardcode this 
login to belgarath. Editing also takes place on belgerath
- mirrors thus get a read-only copy of the TWiki installation, which is 
otherwise perfectly usable.
- in order to keep mirrors up-to-date, it's necessary to "push" our 
changes to the mirrors
- we offer rsync as daemon or rsync+ssh for changes

We've created a proof of concept on 
Jeremy Huntwork has been so kind to test the mirror synchronization; any 
changes which are made on are automatically propagated to 
his mirror at He's also written up detailed 
instructions at 
Please read them and tell us if you find our solution acceptable, or if 
you have a better solution. Note that the isn't ready for 
general consumption or criticism yet and we need to work on the 
features. The migration will probably not take place before the end of 
the summer (I'm hoping for september/october).

Jeroen Coumans

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