Bugzilla maintenance

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 13 09:25:30 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I think we need to come up with a more formally defined method of 
> managing Bugzilla version number maintenance, and make sure that every 
> person responsible for releases of an LFS product follows that method :-)
> I just went to report a bug against lfs-bootscripts, and found that none 
> of the recent releases are listed in Bugzilla as available versions... 
> In addition, the Bugzilla "CVS" version tags should probably be changed 
> to "SVN" if that's possible.
> Is it possible for LFS product releasers to add the new version numbers 
> directly, or do the permissions for that include too much other stuff 
> they shouldn't have?

 From what I can tell, you have to turn on a whole slew of stuff to be 
able to do that.  You essentially give everyone full rights to manage 
products.  This is my fault.  I need to do a better job of keeping up 
with versions.  It is a simple three step process.


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