[RFC] svn2html2.pl for ALFS SVN repos (and others)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 11 14:38:41 PDT 2004

As noted earlier by Anderson, the ALFS repo reorganization broke the 
svn2html.pl script's ability to turn logging messages into HTML for the 
web site.

I have written a new version of this script, located at:


Note that this version of the script will _not_ work with "old style" 
SVN repos, those created by the cvs2svn migration script. This script 
expects a more "SVN-like" repo organization, with top-level directories 
for each sub-project, each containing trunk/branches/tags as needed.

The script supports the same options as the old one, except that it 
retrieves the "svn log" output itself. This is not mandatory (it still 
supports --infile), but the script does need the project name so that it 
can use svnlook to find properties that tell it what each subproject 
should be called in the log listings. Given that is has the project 
name, I figured it might as well just call "svn log" itself :-) Note 
that usage of "svnlook" by the script means it will only run on 
belgarath; svnlook uses direct access to the SVN repo (read only), so it 
cannot be run remotely.

The script handles commits across "sub-projects" (they will be shown 
multiple times, once under each project involved), and commits across 
branches (both branch names will be shown when using --with-branchname; 
if --with-filename is also specified, the log message will be duplicated 
for each branch with the relevant filenames listed).

Usage of the script in update-website.sh will be simple:

svn2html2.pl --project ALFS --with-branchname >> ...

There is a sample of the script's output at:


For some reason, using the same HTML structure as the old script, but 
with the addition of another layer of unstructured list, has caused some 
extra list bullets to appear. Hopefully one of the HTML gurus can take a 
look and tell me what needs to be fixed!

Finally, note that the script is in no way specific to the ALFS repo; 
any other repo that wants to reorganize as we have and set 
"project_desc" properties on their directories can use this script, and 
gain the benefits of more organized log messages on their web page. For 
example, it would be very nice to have log messages in the LFS repo 
separated by BOOK, bootscripts, etc., as opposed to being combined 
together as they are now.

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