TWiki Mirror [was: Oregon mirror is not up to date]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Jul 11 10:41:19 PDT 2004

On Saturday 10 July 2004 08:30 pm, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On Saturday 10 July 2004 06:27 pm, Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> > On Saturday 10 July 2004 17:11, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> > > should work now.
> >
> > Do the changes to already propagate to
> > this location?
> I haven't set up any scripts to automate it yet, I've been just
> working on the ability to push the syncs.  I'm going to tackle that
> next (wouldn't mind any help or ideas you have ;) )  I figured we
> could use jenacon as a test mirror for all of that.

Hmmm.  Trying to set up a way to automate changes for the TWiki mirrors.  
I'm currently looking at adding a line in save in twiki/bin to call a 
script that rsyncs via ssh.  The problem I'm running into is that the 
user that is calling the scripts, (I assume on belgarath that this is 
httpd) doesn't have access to my private key, nor can it in order for 
ssh to use a key pair.  So the rsync fails.  At least I think this is 
the problem.  In order to make this work we would need to generate a 
key for httpd so that when save is ready to call the 'rsync -e ssh' 
script, it will have full access to its own .ssh folder and private 
keys.  I'd like to test this but don't have permission to su as 
httpd :) Can we set this up or is there a better way to go about this?

Jeremy Huntwork

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