TWiki Mirror [was: Oregon mirror is not up to date]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat Jul 10 06:00:13 PDT 2004

On Saturday 10 July 2004 05:33 am, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> It's hardcoded in multiple files (run 'grep
> "" * -r'), most notably
> cgi-bin/twiki/lib/TWiki.cfg. Some files under twiki/data/ contain the
> string too, but we can fix that.
> Also, it's good that it's hardcoded since RR-DNS would take care of
> mirroring, if we proceed with that. We can also look at's
> mirroring;
> PS how hard was it to setup the mirror?

Not bad, but I already had sshd and apache installed.  I didn't even 
have to "install" twiki, I just pushed the entire site over.  
Functionally, apart from the redirect, there is still a couple of bugs 
I'm trying to work out, like I can't log in on the mirror.  But for 
strictly reading, it's good!  Have to check to make sure which perl 
modules are required...

Later today, (hopefully) I can go through what I did, and write out what 
steps a mirror would need to take to get itself set up.

Jeremy Huntwork

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