Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Jul 7 15:57:04 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 07 July 2004 06:32 pm, Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> So I would suggest something like this for the TWiki registration
> page:
> (x) I already have an LFS id            LFS ID: [text box]
> ( ) I want to register me as an LFS user
> Name:
> First LFS Version:
> If CVS, enter CVS date:
> WikiName:
> Email address (used only for Web change notification):
> Your password:
> Retype password:
> Ideally, the "Name", "First LFS Version" and "CVS date" fields should
> be disabled if the user selects the first option box.
> Now, my suggestions for the implementation:
> Only Name, Email and LFS ID will be stored on user's HomePage, lfs
> counter DB structure will be untouched (name, first version, cvs
> date). If the user already have an LFS ID, it will only give this id,
> the wiki name, password and email. The user's name will be obtained
> from the lfs counter DB using the given id. This is useful if the
> user types the wrong ID by mistake, his/her name will be incorrectly
> shown on the users list.
> Main.TWikiUsers stays untouched. We will create another page (e.g.
> Main.LfsUsers) to show the LFS users, with their WikiName (if they
> have one). Now the "magic":
> Main.LfsUsers will be generated automatically from the lfscounter
> database by using
> By using
> TWiki's %SEARCH{}% functionality, the registered users' full name
> will be substituted by their WikiName (linked to their home page), if
> they have one, or "Full Name (register)" with "register" being a link
> to TWiki.TWikiRegistration page, with the LFS ID already filled, only
> requiring WikiName, Email and password.

I have no objections to this.  (Kinda feel like I'm along for the ride 
with a lot of it ;) ) I can start looking into this a bit further, and 
as I go, if have any ideas, I'll let you know.

Jeremy Huntwork

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