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Wed Jul 7 15:32:10 PDT 2004

On Sunday 04 July 2004 18:20, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> Jeroen, Anderson, in order to fully help out with TWiki might I need
> membership to the TWikiAdminGroup? ;-)  I was thinking esp. in
> connection with the incorporation of the lfscounter and/or current
> users.

Done :) (some days ago, actually)

> Which reminds me - Anderson, any thoughts on what Jeroen brought out
> here?:

Mostly agree with Jeroen here. But I'd like also to keep the lfscounter.cgi 
for the people who would like to get a LFS id but not register on the 

So I would suggest something like this for the TWiki registration page:

(x) I already have an LFS id		LFS ID: [text box]
( ) I want to register me as an LFS user
First LFS Version:
If CVS, enter CVS date:

Email address (used only for Web change notification):
Your password:
Retype password:

Ideally, the "Name", "First LFS Version" and "CVS date" fields should be 
disabled if the user selects the first option box.

Now, my suggestions for the implementation:

Only Name, Email and LFS ID will be stored on user's HomePage, lfs counter DB 
structure will be untouched (name, first version, cvs date). If the user 
already have an LFS ID, it will only give this id, the wiki name, password 
and email. The user's name will be obtained from the lfs counter DB using the 
given id. This is useful if the user types the wrong ID by mistake, his/her 
name will be incorrectly shown on the users list.

Main.TWikiUsers stays untouched. We will create another page (e.g. 
Main.LfsUsers) to show the LFS users, with their WikiName (if they have one). 
Now the "magic":

Main.LfsUsers will be generated automatically from the lfscounter database by 
using By using TWiki's 
%SEARCH{}% functionality, the registered users' full name will be substituted 
by their WikiName (linked to their home page), if they have one, or "Full 
Name (register)" with "register" being a link to TWiki.TWikiRegistration 
page, with the LFS ID already filled, only requiring WikiName, Email and 

Advantage of this aproach:
- Does not require big changes to TWiki's code (probably only the "register" 
script needs to be changed to store user information on lfscounter DB) and 
provides the "functional integration" we want;
- We will not create anything new, just use or adapt what already exists.

- A user will need to register as a LFS user to get a TWiki account (the other 
way will also be true if we disable lfscounter.cgi). Note though that this is 
actually a side-effect of integrating both registration systems.

I'm still not sure if the above will work, though. I've not tested nothing of 
the above (except I've played a little with %SEARCH%). Alternatively we can 
create our own Plug-in/Add-on for all this, which is probably the best 
solution, but may require more time to get something working.

Suggestions are welcome :)
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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