ALFS SVN page still needs editing

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jul 6 19:15:49 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Well, there's and for all your writing needs. 
> Until the CMS is ready to be widely deployed, the easiest way for 
> everyone to update content is to copy the page into one of those 
> systems, edit it there and mail the website list to import them into the 
> website.

I'll keep that in mind, but to be honest I'm not to thrilled about 
grabbing an existing page off the web site into a wiki (losing all the 
formatting), editing it, and then having to have a website editor 
somehow merge those changes back in to the real page. I'd be concerned 
that they'd either have to use diffs to figure out what I changed, or 
they'd try to copy & paste it back into the website, in which case 
there's a significant amount of work to replace the XML formatting.

> For Subversion we already created a page some time ago: 
> <>, 
> although we should probably start using more instead of the 
> current wiki, since it has more functions and management capacities 
> (such as ACL's for pages and user authentication). First we'll need to 
> setup the necessary groups & users, and perhaps some scripts to 
> synchronize with belgerath's users & permissions (I've added this to our 
> todo list).

I'm hoping that the ALFS project will be a model for the community's 
usage of Subversion :-) We are already discussing restructuring our 
repos (as you've seen on alfs-discuss), and once that is in place I 
suspect it will be a good arrangement for the other projects to use as well.

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