ALFS SVN page still needs editing

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jul 6 09:27:10 PDT 2004

This page still needs quite a few changes (I wish we had a CMS so I 
could do them myself :-()) Much of these changes should go on the SVN 
pages for the other projects too as they are converted.

"CVS Information" -> "SVN Information" at the top, also this header does 
not have the same left padding that the "Checkout SVN" and "SVN Web 
Interface" headers do, the text is closer to the left edge of its box

4th paragraph, "aware off" -> "aware of"

"Checkout SVN"

These instructions are not a good example; if they work at all, the user 
will end up with a complete checkout of the ALFS project, include all 
the tags and branches in separate directories. Given the way the SVN 
repo is organized, we should supply instructions for "example" checkouts 
for particular items, not for the entire project. These would be:

To get the current nALFS sources:

svn co svn://

To get the current LFS unstable profile:

svn co svn://

To get all available ALFS DTDs:

svn co svn://

I think that's enough examples; anyone who needs more can figure it out 
using the web interface, or come to alfs-discuss to ask what they need.

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