ALFS cut over to Subversion

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Jul 5 13:42:02 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> Just as an update:
>> I converted ALFS from CVS to subversion tonite - seems the issues we were
>> encountering with subversion have been resolved, as we haven't had
>> anything blow up recently.
>> I've CC'd this to the website list - Jeroen, you're up next, and we can
>> change you over anytime you're ready.
> Thanks J.  I am working on updating content to the ALFS site while it is 
> still CVS based.
> James
And done.  I renamed cvs.html,v to svn.html,v in the cvs repo.  So 
others out there will want to do a -PR on their next co.


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