Template integration?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Thu Jul 1 15:51:35 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans said:
> Jeremy Huntwork said the following on 01-07-2004 14:31:
>> Sorry, still trying to get familiar with CVS...
>> I have a directory all ready to go in my home folder - I should just
>> import it to the top of the cvsroot?
> Hm, current CVS site structure is not really suitable for this, and CVS
> doesn't allow moving of files... :(
> We'll have to wait for our Subversion repository then. Don't know what
> the status is; but if I'm not mistaken we should be next in line pretty
> soon.

Right now, Matthew and myself have put further migrations on hold until we
know for sure that some of the weird issues we've been having with
subversion are worked out.  I think at this point they probably are, since
I haven't seen any problems recently, so we might pick things back up this

At this point, the current migration schedule is:


Patches/Hints can be thrown in there at just about anytime, they should be
relatively simple migrations to make, as those archives are not as in
depth as the others.


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