Glibc tarball and mirror host in acknowledgements

Justin Knierim lfs at
Thu Jan 29 11:02:24 PST 2004

On Behalf Of Jeroen Coumans
> There was a message on lfs-admin if I'm not mistaken. (found it:
> subject: Glibc tarball download mirrors - date: Mon, 12 Jan 
> 2004 09:59:29 -0700. I'll forward it to you.)

Thanks a lot.  How does one get on the lfs-admin list?  I assume it is
not for normal users?
> I've added your name to the ack-page. BTW as a general message to
> everyone: you can add your own name to the Wiki 

Thanks again.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Justin R. Knierim
Lfs at jrknierim dot de

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