Change relative to absolute links?

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Tue Jan 27 19:15:16 PST 2004

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 21:00, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Are there objections if I change all relative links to absolute links?
> Links like <a href="../../../lfs/news.html"> would become <a
> href="/lfs/news.html">. 
> Advantages: 
> - Much simpler. 
> - Less error-prone. 
> - Small effort.

No problem for me. You should only make sure, after the changes, that it does 
not break anything e.g. the news archives. I'm not sure if 
will convert properly the absolute links, as I don't thouch it for some time 
(probably there will be no problem, as the archive templates already have 
absolute URLs).

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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