Bit rate units on mirror page.

Paul Campbell paul at
Fri Jan 23 08:34:09 PST 2004

Just being picky but.....

Capital K is generally used to mean 1024, and small k for 1000 in bit rates.  

1 Kbit/s = 1024 bits per second = 1024 bits^-1
1 kbit/s = 1000 bits per second = 1000 bits^-1

When using the unit suffix for kilo bits per second, it can be easily
confused by using...

Kbps, as the capital K is more often assocated with storage and can be taken
to mean Kilobytes per second. 

Mbit and Gbit meaning 1 million and 1 billion bits not 1024 multiples bits. 
The M and G can only be determined in context.  Generally 1 Gigabyte =
1024x1024x1024x8 bits.  1 Gbit = 1000x1000x1000 bits.  

Well as far as I know anyway.


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