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> -	<li id="why-not-new-lilo"><a > 
> href="../lfs/faq.html#why-not-new-lilo">Why not upgrade LILO to the 
> latest version?</a></li> 
> +	<li id="add-grub"><a 
> href="../lfs/faq.html#add-grub">Why not use LILO instead of
> GRYB?</a></li> 

Grub i assume

>   +	<dt id="kernel-2.6">I want to use linux-2.6.x in LFS-5.x?</dt>
>   +		<dd>
>   +			<p>Currently, you can't build an LFS system by using
> linux-2.6.x instead of linux-2.4.x. This is because the kernel
> headers from 2.6.x are incompatible with other programs in LFS-5.x
> and will lead to compile errors. It is recommended until LFS releases
> a new version which includes the 2.6.x kernel; according to the <a
> href="roadmap.html">roadmap</a> this will be LFS-6.0. </p> +			<p>Of

s/recommended/recommended to use linux-2.4.x in your build/  ?

Roel Neefs and

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