Which CMS to use?

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at JeroenCoumans.nl
Fri Jan 9 17:37:00 PST 2004

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 01/09/04 22:31:

> Most of the Plone-powered sites I visited don't mirror their pages at all, but 
> _I think_ that those who do this have Zope installed on every mirror. Anyway, 
> I found a hint about how to use wget to mirror a Zope-based site for non-Zope 
> servers (see http://zope.org/Members/hdw/Tip/wget), but it is very limited 
> (basically we lack all the dynamic features of Plone). And IMHO, is a crude 
> hack and Zope doesn't seems to support it.

I don't want to rule out Plone if we can hack around the issue (although 
you're right; it's a really ugly hack). But we should also be careful; a 
hack stays a hack so there's no guarantee that it will work in the 
feature. Unless the Plone/Zope developers have anything on their roadmap 
regarding this issue we should probably drop Plone. :(

> I don't see how we can easily mirror Plone without having Zope installed on 
> every mirror (but see the wget aproach). So the only way is try other 
> alternatives. Don't worry, since I started testing Plone, I had other CMS in 
> mind ;). Its name is "eZ publish" (http://ez.no/products/ez_publish_3). It's 
> uses the traditional PHP/MySQL/Apache framework, so we can already exclude 
> the mirroring issue (although I will already search a third option in case we 
> find this CMS is not suitable for us).

I can't wait! BTW how do you feel about Mambo OS? 
(http://www.mamboserver.com) Someone recommended it. Their default 
templates suck though.

> [PS: I'm enjoying making tests with these systems. Sometime ago I was looking 
> for a CMS to manage my projects. Now I'm having the opportunity to continue 
> the search.]

Glad you're having a blast! :)

> [PS2: Zope/CMF/Plone installation was unexpectedly quick and trouble-free. 
> They don't need root privileges to run, and work out-of-the-box. Most of the 
> configuration can be done through the web.]

Another reason why I find it really hard to drop Plone...

Jeroen Coumans

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