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Fri Jan 9 09:28:30 PST 2004

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Hi Bill's LFS Login. You said the following on 01/09/04 15:08:
> >
> > What Jeroen posted is correct. But it has now occured to me that the
> > name "Developer's Wiki" may be a source of confusion. Jeroen do you
> > think maybe it would be better named somthing else, maybe "Community
> > Wiki" or "User's and Developers Wiki"?
> Or just "Wiki" and in the title (which pops up when you hover over the
> link) "For users and developers"?

Does the hover work in all the browsers you have tried to accomodate?
Others? If so, that sounds good. If not, I guess a title change is

> > I've seen that Alexander and *many* others have a lot to contribute in
> > the area of development, but they aren't "official" book developers. So
> > maybe the naming of the site has mislead them?
> I can't speak for Alexander but I would be curious to know. The Wiki is
> a bit underused, I think we should stimulate active contributors to use
> the Wiki too.

I've been thinking of this for awhile. Have recently begun some effort
to correct this. Very preliminary and not sure of the direction yet.
Will post for comments when I get some things that seem worth

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