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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at JeroenCoumans.nl
Thu Jan 8 14:49:32 PST 2004

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 01/08/04 21:50:
<snip everything we agree on>

> Which exact capabilities? I think that's the time to specify which 
> features we are planning for the Website and/or which problems we are 
> planning to address.

Yes, good question. We also have to think beyond our immediate needs. 
Probably we're going to be stuck with the next CMS for quite some time. 
Such a system has to be usable without us, too, so if real life 
interferes and we have to give up LFS, the community can continue.

The first rewrite of the website was for the users: it has obviously an 
improved interface, better looks and advanced functionality. This second 
phase will be for us, the developers and publishers, the people who work 
on creating the website and posting news. While the current scripts have 
worked great for the two of us, it doesn't fullfil all our needs.

So let's set some capabilities which we require now and in the distant 
future from a CMS (in random order):

1. The generated website should be mirrorable without requiring the CMS 
on the mirror (eg. generate static pages)
2. It should manage all our content so I don't have to edit all files if 
I want to add a header element.
3. Readable URL's
3. Poll system
4. Version control of the content (or integratable into CVS)
5. The possibility to hook our search system, user database, CVS 
changelogs, Wiki, etc. into it. Extendability and well-defined interfaces.
6. Total freedom in the templates (eg. no fixed content and valid markup 
by default)
7. It should allow a user policy similar to Wordpress (eg. admins, 
category owners, category news poster)
8. It should be Open Source and be actively maintained
9. It should have basic blog features (news posting in different 
categories, moderated comments, permalinks, etc.)
10. Automated and customizable RSS generation (for different categories, 
all-in-one, etc.)
11. Easy interface for news posting, polling, forums and whatever else 
we may need.

What other features do we require? We have to make a decision based on 
what we need now and what we might need in the future. So perhaps a blog 
tool is too restricted; it's no use to continuely hack around its 
limitations (then we'd be better off doing it all ourselves).

Jeroen Coumans

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