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Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational bill at nospam.dot
Thu Jan 8 14:48:32 PST 2004

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational wrote:
> > > I like the possibility of comments being entered for news items, that
> >
> > I'm undecided about this one. Consider: wiki. Been there for a long
> > time, doesn't get the attention/activity that the implementors
> > envisioned. And that was *intended* for development, comments, ...
> <personal comment>
> I don't like Wiki (not *the* LFS Wiki, but how Wiki works). One day, I read an
> article about "reinventing the wheel" and it pointed to a Wiki URL. On Wiki,
> anyone (if this is allowed by the admin) can create a new page (like a topic
> in a forum). After reading a bunch of comments trying to imitate a thread
> scheme (something not beautiful; IMHO, Wiki was not intended for
> discussions), I was pointed to a new Wiki page, and then other... So I noted
> that I was walking in circles (Serious!)
> </personal comment>

That may (or may not) be a result of how it was used. I don't have
enough experience to judge if it is worse/good as/better than
traditional lists. But I do presume that the folks who set up the LFS
wiki and use it have some good solid reasons for espousing it (and I may
not know the reasons - lack of experience).

I *can* say that if the errata posting was consistently done, it appears
to offer a big savings for users, as compared to trying to effectively
use the lists' search function to find solutions to various problems.

> > wordpress is intended, I guess, primarily as a tool to ease the
> > website's maintenenace of news items. Do we really *need* the ability to
> > comment on posted news? If so, will it now mean we have to search *and*
> > monitor the lists *and* look at news to keep current?
> Possibly. But you forgot Bugzilla. It also has a "leave comment" feature, but
> it has the nice feature to foward the comments to a list, something we could
> implement if we will use comments on news items.

I didn't forget it. I just see it as having a different function than
either the lists, FAQ or wiki. If I do include it, then that becomes an
additional place a user must look before deciding what to do. :(

> IMHO, the ability to comment news item is the chance some users will have to
> quickly leave their opinions about the subject, without having to use the
> (boring, for some) e-mail system. Some people also like to be annonymous,
> something e-mail (read: mailing lists) often does not offer.

Sounds just like a wiki to me, except that it (I guess) is right on the

> [Or do you think Bugzilla comments should also be disabled ;)?]

Ha-ha! :) As mentioned, different purpose in my mind.

> > Considering that some (most?) folks don't make effective use of the
> > *two* locs we now have, is a third going to be better?
> Yes, if it has visitor's acceptance. Not everyone like to use wiki (like me)
> or mailing lists. The comments on news items will be another way to catch
> this specific audience.

And if the comments *aren't* auto-posted to the lists (is that correct?)
then the same complaint that some have had for the wiki applies: "I just
want to look one place - that's why mailing-lists are used".

Wiki or blog or ... there are those who want to go just one place. There
are others who don't mind two, or maybe even three. But I suspect a
majority would balk at four.

> Now, another way to justify this whole thing: think on "news items with
> comment ability" like a Blog. It has proven to be a successful mean of
> expression among many people (just search on Google for "blog" and you will
> see what I mean). This will just be another way to "catch" that specific
> niche we still don't explore.

The majority of bloggers are not dealing with technical issues where
there is a bi-directional exchange of queries and answers. So I'm not
sure that quantity = quality = utility = convenience in this case.

Anyway, I raise the issue just to make sure it gets examined because
*others* have had similar concerns with the wiki, and it was only
location number 3 to look.

Bill Maltby,
LFS Organizational
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