Wordpress - first impressions

Jeroen Coumans webmaster at JeroenCoumans.nl
Thu Jan 8 05:06:29 PST 2004

Some first impressions:
- It's not a full-blown CMS, merely a publishing tool. Therefore it's 
mainly useful for the news pages. The value to us for using it are easy 
news publishing, automated archiving, automated RSS generation and 
- It has very sparse documentation and no mailing lists (although it has 
reasonably active support forums; haven't tried them yet)
- I'm not sure how we can convert our current news layout and categories 
to the pages which wordpress generates.
By default, Wordpress generates only one page. Via PHP and MySQL it adds 
the articles and comments to this page, and via mod_rewrite it will make 
requests to this page appear as permanent links. In this format it seems 
  difficult to publish different newspages like we currently have for 
ALFS, BLFS and LFS. Als, pulling in the CVS changes would certainly 
require some backend work.
- I'm struggling with permalinks and mod_rewrite. I know very little 
about regular expressions so I need some help with properly setting that up.

All in all, I'm not quite sure yet if it has all capabilities which we 
require. For example, I haven't discovered a polling system yet. 
Anderson, what are your initial thoughts about using it?
I'm also hampered by my the need to learn PHP on the fly (but this was 
on my todo list already).

Jeroen Coumans

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