[Fwd: Output of fcron job: 'update-website.sh']

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 7 07:59:19 PST 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Apparantly this was caused by Greg's attempt to run update-website.sh. 
> Not sure what exactly caused it; I suspect that the contents of the 
> were removed but because of the above error, new content wasn't copied 
> into the site (thus leaving behind an empty site).
> Blegh. My scripting sucks bad. I hope Wordpress will make all these 
> hacks obselete.

I don't think so ;). Wordpress is suposed to (initially, at least) 
substitute only the news management system. Of course, this will 
simplify the script a lot, but will not eliminate the need of all those 
rm's and cp's.

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at linuxfromscratch.org

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