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   		<p>Over the past few weeks, a <a href="">discussion</a> about a security-oriented LFS book has dominated the lfs-security list. Some clear ideas about the form and content of this initiative are crystalizing, and it was decided to give the initiators of this project a decent platform to work on. So far, a <a href="">mailinglist (hlfs-dev)</a> has been created for Hardened Linux From Scratch, as it was dubbed.</p>
   		<p>HLFS will become a book that provides the reader with a fundamental understanding of security that can be used as a base for futher research. Part of the process in teaching this will be to build a hardened system step-by-step.</p>
   		<p>The discussions about HLFS need to be transformed into a roadmap and a manifesto. If you are interested in contributing/developing or you just want to learn about security, subscribe to <a href="">the hlfs-dev mailinglist</a>.</p>
  +		<p><strong>Update 2004/01/07</strong></p>
  +		<p>Robert Connolly has imported the first pages of an HLFS draft into the wiki. <a href=";pagename=HLFS">"Check it out</a> and feel free to extend and improve upon his work.</p>
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   				<li><a href="../people.html" title="Who is who and who does what">The LFS team</a></li>
  -				<li><a href="../organization.html" title="Manifesto, Scope, Bounds, Objectives, Strategy and Logistics">Organization</a></li>
  -				<li><a href="../manifesto.html" title="An index of all manifesto's">Manifesto's</a></li>
  +				<li><a href="../organization.html" title="Manifesto, Scope, Bounds, Objectives, Strategy and Logistics">General Documents</a></li>
  +				<li><a href="../manifesto.html" title="An index of all manifesto's">Team Mission Statements</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../acknowledgements.html" title="People from past and present who contributed">Acknowledgements</a></li>
  @@ -127,7 +127,6 @@
   				<li><a href="../index.html" title="Home (mirror list)" accesskey="1">Home (Mirror list)</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../website/index.html" title="General info about this site">Website information</a></li>
  -				<li><a href="../website/manifesto.html" class="currentpage" title="Mini Manifesto for the website">Manifesto</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../website/sitemap.html" title="Structured overview of the website" accesskey="3">Sitemap</a></li>
   				<li><a href="../website/accesskeys.html" title="Keyboard shortcuts for this site" accesskey="0">Accesskeys</a></li>
   				<li><a href="" title="Mail us if you run into problems with this website" accesskey="9">Contact webmaster</a></li>

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