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Tue Jan 6 15:59:26 PST 2004

[Gerard, don't know if you're following this, but we're discussing the 
implementation of Wordpress as CMS. It's GPL, PHP & MySQL based, see]

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 01/07/04 00:19:
> AFAIK, only the PHP pages will be mirrored; the MySQL database will be 
> the same (hosted at, possibly) for all mirrors. So 
> the content (comments, news items, archive) will instantly propagate to 
> all mirrors. Another advantage of using a CMS.

Great, that's a relief. Only issue left is that mirrors won't have 
real-time updated pages then. But maybe this is just the incentive 
Gerard needs to enable the Round-Robin DNS which he has talked about so 

> "URL compatibility" you mean relative URLs? I think this will not be an 
> issue.

No, I mean that the current URL's should stay the same as much as 
possible. I read somewhere that Wordstar only does PHP pages; what will 
happen to an address like I think 
the wisest, future-proof action would be to setup rewrite rules 
(*proper* ones, in the server, not the lame html pages currently used) 
to the final destination. We should make it a policy to use directory 
names for URL's; eg. should become This way it doesn't matter if it's 
index.html or index.php. In the end we shouldn't have any links to 
*.html. We should also standardise on these names, eg.
To make it painless, the rewrite rules are necessary. But we can only do 
this once we have a CMS in place, since filling in the links manually 
for all pages is a pain. (currently I use search & replace in multiple 
files with Bluefish).

> I'm reading the README right now and setting up wordpress locally to see 
> what administration tasks should be done by Gerard. So far, the 
> installation seems very easy, with a "step-by-step" interface. :)

Good, Gerard responds better if you say:
do this
do that
thank you

> BTW, you (Jeroen) need to make the /home/httpd/ 
> directory group-writable, as you are the owner of that dir.


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