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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Tue Jan 6 15:19:09 PST 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Glad you like it. It's really easy to install and we already have 
> everything on the server to use it (MySQL, PHP). My only concern would 
> be the mirrorability of pages, especially if we enable comments. (and 
> think comments it would add real value to the site). We also need to 
> keep URL compatibility in mind.

AFAIK, only the PHP pages will be mirrored; the MySQL database will be 
the same (hosted at, possibly) for all mirrors. So 
the content (comments, news items, archive) will instantly propagate to 
all mirrors. Another advantage of using a CMS.

"URL compatibility" you mean relative URLs? I think this will not be an 

> Setting up the test environment: this should be as simple as untarring 
> the package and pointing the browser to wp-admin/install-config.php 
>   wp-admin/install.php. This will generate the database and a password 
> for admin. The readme.html in the tarball explains this pretty well.
> Anderson, how would you like to proceed? If you want I'll let you 
> the test environment; you're more knowledgable in this area. You'll 
> probably need to coordinate with Gerard on this. Oh, feel free to use 
> the domain.

I'm reading the README right now and setting up wordpress locally to see 
what administration tasks should be done by Gerard. So far, the 
installation seems very easy, with a "step-by-step" interface. :)

BTW, you (Jeroen) need to make the /home/httpd/ 
directory group-writable, as you are the owner of that dir.

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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