CMS - what about wordpress?

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Tue Jan 6 11:37:14 PST 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> I've been following the blogging world lately and I think we could 
> enhance certain parts of our site with a blog CMS. Wordpress is 
> opensource and GPL - see and has about the 
> same features as MovableType.

I like it. FYI, there is a live demo available at 
This CMS seems a good candidate to become our new news management 
system. It's not too "intrusive" like Slash, it's (almost; there are 
some invalid code on it) XHTML compliant, has archives, on-line 
administration tool etc.

> It may be a lot easier to use something like this then to hack 

Maybe... Definitely Slash is more difficult to customize to our 
requirements, eg. its HTML code is very old and not standards 
compliant. OTOH, it has all the features we could need on future, and a 
little more.

*BUT* I confess I like simplicity. I think we should incorporate the 
tools as I need them. So we should forget Slash for a while and try 
less complex alternatives, like Wordpress. I know I had other POV on 
past, but ideas evolve... :)

Now, back to WordPress: I suggest we install a test/pre-release 
environment (like we did for the website) to see how could this CMS 
make our lives better, and to get the LFS community opinions about the 
new features. As I said, this CMS is not intrusive and (hopefully) will 
be easy to implement, so we could start the implementation Real Soon 

Any objections?
Anderson Lizardo

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