New Website Design

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sat Dec 11 05:52:15 PST 2004

Some suggestions for the new design, if the community is going forward 
with it:

- Add the ability to search through the mailing lists or the website 
(perhaps a dropdown) from the front page. Also a link to the search page.
- the news pages can be simplified to one page. In the current site, 
each section has it's own news page. However, based on past experiences, 
I think you can safely relegate all news to one page. Continuing in that 
line of thought, I also think LFS can benefit from a real homepage, like or
- Move the sitemap link to the footer. With a relatively flat 
information architecture, there's no need for it in the main navigation
- the left navigation bar; is it supposed to be context-sensitive? If 
so, remove the general items to another location (eg. contribute, 
support). As a suggestion, in the TWiki design, I placed the general 
links in a horizontal bar under the section links.

Some nitpicks (you've probably haven't coded this yet):
- mark the current page in the left navigation bar
- differentiate visited links
- instead of endorsing Firefox, I'd rather have LFS endorse Web Standards...

Jeroen Coumans

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