Website Proposal [Was TWiki status]

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Thu Dec 9 19:14:50 PST 2004

Craig Colton wrote:

>I guess this is all mostly moot now. I watched how Jeroen and others like 
>Anderson put a tremendous amount of work into the website and displayed a 
>great community spirit. I can't help feeling like someone got the short end 
>of the stick. 

How so? Jeroen's work has been appreciated and used tremendously. As far 
as I'm concerned, there was no disrespect or insult intended by my 
actions.  I did my best to present my site inoffensively, and just as 
something for consideration.  I certainly didn't expect Jeroen to 
resign, but that's a decision he has made himself due to his own 
personal circumstances. How is that giving him the short end of the stick?

Jeremy Huntwork

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