Broken link in HLFS news

Joachim Schipper j.schipper at
Thu Dec 9 08:30:02 PST 2004

Dear sir, madam,

while this is clearly not related to your website script failing, it
seemed appropriate to send this to the same address. Please tell me if
this was not the way you intended.

The link 'HLFS Alpha Release' (to
<mirror>/news/hlfs/2004/12.html#hlfsalpharelease) on the HLFS news page does not
work: it throws a 404 error. There does not seem to be any HLFS content in
/news, anyway. This happens on three randomly selected, presumably independent
mirrors, so it is really a website error.

I hope to have been of some aid, however small, to the (H)LFS project! Keep up
the good work!

		Joachim Schipper
		(LFS #12898)

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