Website Proposal [Was TWiki status]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Dec 8 11:00:27 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> In that case, why even bother using rsync? If the mirror admins can be 
> convinced to install a client-only copy of Subversion, then they can 
> just as easily do "svn update" when needed. This has the advantage of 
> less CPU work on belgarath, because SVN only has to check revision 
> numbers to see if there are changes, unlike rsync which has to do more 
> thorough checking. It also means that only diffs will be sent over the 
> wire, instead of whole files (yes, I know rsync can do that too, but 
> it will never work as well as Subversion, since Subversion _already_ 
> has the diffs to send).

A good idea, only thing with that is that they'd also then have to 
render the books, unless we decide to keep a rendered copy of the books 
in the website's repo as well.

Jeremy Huntwork

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