several questions

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Dec 8 09:27:04 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>> I'm not ready to retire yet... I still want to succesfully deploy a 
>> decent CMS for the website so nobody has to ever go through the pain 
>> of adjusting dozens of relative links in those pesky html files! :)
> And we'd like to see that too :-)

Personally, I don't think the LFS website needs a CMS.  The problem with 
the current site is just that it's simply become to complicated to 
manage, what with all the scripts in use to render everything, and all 
the little custom hacks put in place so it renders in all browsers 
properly.  What we need is a simple, clean site.

Lets face it, aside from nightly book renderings (which would have to be 
done outside the CMS structure anyway), there's not a whole lot on the 
website that needs changed on a regular basis.  And, I can't help 
feeling that this push toward a CMS is partially to offload the work of 
maintaining the website from the website team to the other projects, who 
are already busy enough the way it is.

Like Kevin, my .02


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