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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Dec 6 07:39:59 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:

>I've tried setting up the proper infrastructure for the HLFS website,
>but I don't have enough time to grok all the stuff that is going on.
>Instead, I'm just going to post here what I need.
>1) hlfs needs added to the
>2) All hlfs homepage links need to point to news.html, not about.html
>3) about.html needs to be moved to whatishlfs.html and links changed as
>   necessary.
>Here is the news blurb to be added:
>HLFS has just released its first alpha version. Version 0.1 includes
>Uclibc-CVS, gcc-3.4.3, binutils-, and linux-2.6.7. The base
>of this book is taken from current LFS-unstable with some changes
>necessary for proper functioning of various security features. You can
>download the book from your favorite mirror in /hlfs/downloads/alpha.
>As of now, the book is a collection of text files. Work is under way to
>convert to an XML-based book.
>Once this structure is in place, I will start sending svn diffs of the
>individual html files. I plan on changing the template, and a couple of
>the gennav items (since they are LFS specific).
Working on this at any spare moment I have, but it's not an easy task, 
with the current setup the way it is :/
I'll keep you informed of my progress...

Jeremy Huntwork

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