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Archaic archaic at
Mon Dec 6 05:51:06 PST 2004

I've tried setting up the proper infrastructure for the HLFS website,
but I don't have enough time to grok all the stuff that is going on.
Instead, I'm just going to post here what I need.

1) hlfs needs added to the
2) All hlfs homepage links need to point to news.html, not about.html
3) about.html needs to be moved to whatishlfs.html and links changed as

Here is the news blurb to be added:
HLFS has just released its first alpha version. Version 0.1 includes
Uclibc-CVS, gcc-3.4.3, binutils-, and linux-2.6.7. The base
of this book is taken from current LFS-unstable with some changes
necessary for proper functioning of various security features. You can
download the book from your favorite mirror in /hlfs/downloads/alpha.

As of now, the book is a collection of text files. Work is under way to
convert to an XML-based book.

Once this structure is in place, I will start sending svn diffs of the
individual html files. I plan on changing the template, and a couple of
the gennav items (since they are LFS specific).



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