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Archaic archaic at
Sun Dec 5 00:39:27 PST 2004

I'm trying to figure out some stuff, so please bear with me.

1) Why is the valid html png named xhtml-1.1.png when the doctype is
   xhtml1.0 and the png itself says xhtml 1.0? (Along with that, why do
   some links for this png have alt text saying 1.1?)

2) Why is lfs-template in trunk/lfs when blfs-template is in

3) Why do the news-bottom templates put the footer division before the
   general navigation division unlike all the other templates I've
   looked at?

4) Can someone run tidy on the entire repository? The config from the
   LFS book produces some nice looking code. Here's the config:

indent-spaces: 2
wrap: 78
tab-size: 8
input-encoding: latin1
output-encoding: latin1
newline: CRLF
write-back: yes
markup: yes
indent: yes
hide-endtags: no
uppercase-tags: no
logical-emphasis: no
drop-font-tags: no
tidy-mark: no
numeric-entities: no
show-warnings: no
quiet: yes

These all may seem trivial things, but since I'm not here to create, but
rather re-create the form and function of the other pages, it is rather
hard to do. I was hoping to be able to compare LFS and BLFS pages with
diff so as to quickly find what I must change in my stuff. This is
proving a difficult chore. Also, the location and naming of files, in some
situations, is less than standardized.

As far as tidy, I use vim and it makes it much easier to read and

Thanks for your considerations. I'll keep ploughing through.


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