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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 18 06:14:55 PDT 2004

Johannes Schmidt said the following on 18-08-2004 11:44:
> Hi.
> Is there a conclusive reason why on some pages of the website the font
> size is so tiny?

There can never be a conclusive reason other then "because I designed it 
like that" :-) Fontsizes are a matter of personal preference, screen 
size, eyesight, default browser fontsize, DPI, user configuration etc.

But some reasons I went with x-small:
- standard browser fontsize is 16px; my target fontsize was 12px.
- small fontsize better fits the multi-column-based design
- you can resize the fontsize in all browsers
- if you set your default fontsize larger, all fonts for the LFS website 
will grow too

Also see this link: 

Most importantly though, you as user are always in charge to determine 
the fontsize, even though the website specifies one. In Opera, it takes 
a simple CTRL-+ to enlarge fonts. You can even set a user stylesheet to 
make it permanent. Same thing in every other browser.

For the CMS-based site (which you can preview on 
http://test.linuxfromscratch.org/), I haven't specified any fontsize at 
all. Effectively this means that the fontsize will become completely 
user-dependent (which will probably get me mails why I didn't specify a 
default fontsize! :-)).

Jeroen Coumans

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