CSS font sizes

Johannes Schmidt jsmith6543 at gmx.de
Wed Aug 18 02:44:01 PDT 2004


Is there a conclusive reason why on some pages of the website the font
size is so tiny?

The stylesheet uses x-small for the normal flowtext. I think it should be
up to the user/viewer what their favorite font size is -- i.e. leave the
size away.

The mailing list pages apparently don't make use of the x-small, so the
font size there is fine.

We are not talking about footnotes etc., which would be smaller than
regular text. It is the font for which I set a size in my browser's
settings menu...

I already use pretty small font size since I am working at an LCD screen.
Can you imagine how it looks when the size is decreased to x-small? ;-)

Do you think this causes problems on various browsers? I personally use
Opera, but as far as I know there should not be any trouble.

Thanks in advance if you should decide to scratch that tiny little line
 from the stylesheet.


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