rsync push method: modifying the website update script

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Mon Aug 2 14:23:08 PDT 2004


I'm planning to change the current way of updating the website to better fit a 
"post-commit" setup. Currently, recreates the entire 
website everytime it runs, don't matter there were changes to the files or 
not. I'd like to change this a bit, so only the parts that were modified are 

"make" is a nice tool for these situations, so I plan to create a makefile 
script. An example of the advantage of using a makefile is for the RSS files. 
Currently, they are recreated don't matter there are new news items or not, 
which make old news always show as "new" of some RSS readers. With a make 
rule like:

	$(SCRIPTS)/ -n news.html -r feed.rss

The feeds will only be updated if news.html is changed.
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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