LFS mirror

Stuart Harris stuart at althalus.me.uk
Thu Apr 22 08:58:30 PDT 2004

Heavy snipping ;)... cc'd website as the bandwidth/hits might be of interest
to them... might be interesting to get a more overall picture :P .. Anyone
else bored enough to provide some hit stats? :)

> I am quoting my uplink provider's speed (which is 1gbit). But, as I also
> said, The network interface in my server is a 100mbit one, so I cannot
> burst more than 100mbit.

Ok, but if you use 100Mbps constantly throughout the month, you'll end up
incurring extra charges correct? Your 'bandwidth' is the average you are
permitted without incurring extra costs, typically this will be much lower,
it's normally called a 'bandwidth quota' - if you had a 300GB/month quota,
your actual bandwidth is in fact about 800Kbps.

> I.. don't think I can get more accurate, speed wise. The network is
> capable of 1gbit, but my server will not go beyond 100mbit (and that's
> what I pay for). So a listing of 100mbit would be correct, to my
> knowledge. I however have no idea what the bandwidth usage is for a LFS
> mirror site - so if you have information regarding that, I'd be
> interested in seeing it.

The amount of bandwidth depends totally on the location, my mirror (website)
has done 1.5GB of transfer this month so far.. averaging just under
100MB/day HOWEVER a lot of this traffic is for glibc - which not every
mirror carries.

FTP wise.. 
Packages.tar - 15GB 
Glibc - 1.7GB

Beyond that we don't offer much via FTP, so if you planned on running a full
mirror, you'd be looking at around 800MB-1GB of transfer daily between the
two (ftp and http).. So whilst there are a fair few mirrors, there is -
especially for FTP a lot of traffic... this is why quoting your capacity is
very important... 

If you do know what your bandwidth quota is then from that you can work out
your speed, if your not quoted how many other servers do you share this
100mbps connection with.. This again can be used to judge your speed but it
is exceptionally unlikely that you have a dedicated 100Mbps connection -
unless your paying somewhere in the region of $20,000+ a month.. 

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