GNU mailman and valid (and working!) pages

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Apr 22 14:33:12 PDT 2004

Nico R. said the following on 21-04-2004 14:14:
> Hi,
> I'm always annoyed when reading pipermail archives (from LFS or others),
> because I have my default foreground color set to white and my default
> background color to black or pink or something strange for debugging
> web pages.
> The pipermail archives set the default bg color, but not fg, so I see
> white text on white background - great!
> When I googled for the problem, I found your article, Jeroen:
> I don't know Python as well, but I'm willing to fix at least that color
> and invalid HTML problems. Creating nice XHTML+CSS pages won't be a big
> problem as well, I assume.

Wow, compliments on the research you've done!

> If they don't want it upstream (see thread
> <URL:>),
> I'd nevertheless do this for the mailman setup we use at LFS. Would you
> like me to give this a try or won't it go into our mailman on belgarath
> anyway?

If you're willing to create such a patch and are willing to submit 
it/update it, sure, no problem! From a maintainence-POV: please try to 
coordinate with the mailman developers. It would really suck if you put 
hours of work into it and have to do it each upgrade.

> However, there is a small problem: I don't have mailman running over
> here and don't know whether it's trivial to install and will fit into
> my setup. If yes, I'll be able to do some testing with fake messages.
> If no, ... no idea.

Gerard has once created a test mailinglist for test purposes. I'm not 
sure if we can provide a test-installation for mailman though, so if you 
could try a test-installation that would be great. Otherwise, I'm sure 
blfs-support will be able to help you ;-)

> I'm off to my next lectures. See you later!

Have fun with it!

Jeroen Coumans

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