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Nico R. n-roeser at
Wed Apr 21 14:08:37 PDT 2004

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Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> On Wednesday 21 April 2004 08:14, Nico R. wrote:
>> I'm always annoyed when reading pipermail archives (from LFS or
>> others), because I have my default foreground color set to white and
>> my default background color to black or pink or something strange for
>> debugging web pages.
>> The pipermail archives set the default bg color, but not fg, so I see
>> white text on white background - great!
> What do you suggest to fix this issue? add FGCOLOR="#000000" or remove
> BGCOLOR? I can handle that one for you.

I don't have a strong opinion; either way will work fine, but there
might still be problems with other colors (didn't look into these).
a) Adding the foreground color will result in black-on-white pages;
b) removing the background color in user's default colors.

I think, as the mailinglist archives are more or less many plain texts
and not web pages with lots of style, images, etc., b) would be fine

>> When I googled for the problem, I found your article, Jeroen:
>> I don't know Python as well, but I'm willing to fix at least that
>> color and invalid HTML problems. Creating nice XHTML+CSS pages won't
>> be a big problem as well, I assume.
> Jeroen is AFK right now, but should return still today.

I know; hope he's enjoying XML Europe. :-)

> Anyway, I 
> remember Jeroen trying to implement nice templates for mailman but it
> showed so difficult to implement (due to hard-coded HTML code on
> Python files, AFAIR) that he gave up.

Yep, I read the mailman code which creates that stuff. Not very fine,
IMHO, but I'd give it a try, because I hate those broken pages...

> Also, there is a huge archive 
> already processed with the default template (and even some pages with
> Jeroen's templates from when he was trying to implement them), that
> may need to be reprocessed to reflect the template change.

Hrm, good point. I didn't think about that. Is there an option to
reprocess a bunch of messages? If not, some scripting may help, but
that sounds rather difficult and I don't want to touch this - yet...

>> Would you like me to give this a try or won't it go into our mailman
>> on belgarath anyway?
> If you want to take the task and Jeroen approves, I don't see why this
> can't be accepted on belgarath.

However, I'll probably use mailman-2.1.4 for that experiment; belgarath
is running 2.1.2 at the moment, if I'm correctly informed.
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