GNU mailman and valid (and working!) pages

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Wed Apr 21 12:28:15 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 08:14, Nico R. wrote:
> I'm always annoyed when reading pipermail archives (from LFS or others),
> because I have my default foreground color set to white and my default
> background color to black or pink or something strange for debugging
> web pages.
> The pipermail archives set the default bg color, but not fg, so I see
> white text on white background - great!

What do you suggest to fix this issue? add FGCOLOR="#000000" or remove 
BGCOLOR? I can handle that one for you.

> When I googled for the problem, I found your article, Jeroen:
> I don't know Python as well, but I'm willing to fix at least that color
> and invalid HTML problems. Creating nice XHTML+CSS pages won't be a big
> problem as well, I assume.

Jeroen is AFK right now, but should return still today. Anyway, I remember 
Jeroen trying to implement nice templates for mailman but it showed so 
difficult to implement (due to hard-coded HTML code on Python files, AFAIR) 
that he gave up. Also, there is a huge archive already processed with the 
default template (and even some pages with Jeroen's templates from when he 
was trying to implement them), that may need to be reprocessed to reflect the 
template change.

> If they don't want it upstream (see thread
> <URL:
>95.html>), I'd nevertheless do this for the mailman setup we use at LFS.
> Would you like me to give this a try or won't it go into our mailman on
> belgarath anyway?

If you want to take the task and Jeroen approves, I don't see why this can't 
be accepted on belgarath.

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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