Some Wiki evaluations (finally!)

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Tue Apr 13 00:14:09 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 04/13/04 02:14:
> We will probably 
> stay with PhpWiki for anyway, to not lose the data 
> already there.

Yep, perhaps in time we can import it, but for now people can use it as 
Wiki was intended (without restrictions).

> I only tested it locally so I couldn't measure its performance properly. But I 
> found and very fast to render. I found the built-in 
> search engine specially fast also.

I especially like that it can search (specific sections of) the website. 
Our current search function is still lacking that, as well as the 
ability to search specific mailinglists.

>>I'd like some other text formatting rules. 
> Possible by editing lib/TWiki/Plugins/ and adding our own 
> rules. Not sure if we can do a complete set of PhpWiki-based formatting rules 
> though.
> BTW: all the three Wikis I tested had almost completely different formatting 
> rules. Is there a RFC or something like that to standardize Wiki's formatting 
> rules?

No, unfortunately there isn't (yet - although Wiki makers are certainly 
discussing it; see 
<>). Simplest case 
would be to plug in our own formatting rules. I really like something as 
<> or 
<> because they focus on proper 
markup and are easy to learn. How hard would it be to integrate any of 
them? It doesn't seem anyone has done it before though; 

>>I assume you take care of installation ;-) Good luck,
> Sure, along this week :)

Don't let it come between your education, though ;-)

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