Some Wiki evaluations (finally!)

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Apr 12 08:25:05 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 04/12/04 06:11:
> Last week, I installed locally and evaluated the first two Wikis from the 
> original list (see 
> 1. PhpWiki
> Conclusion: I suggest we don't use it as our main wiki installation (i.e. to 
> maintain the website). As I could remember, the ability to control who and 
> what can be modified on certain pages was a plus to achieve more acceptance 
> of the Wiki inside the comunity, and this is not PhpWiki's strength. Note 
> that I'm not suggesting to lock down all pages for edition, but IMO we should 
> at least have this ability in hands if we decide it's necessary to do so.

I hoped that you would have more success with ACL's. I have reasonable 
good communication with the PhpWiki developers so I'm sure we could fix 
those issues, but I agree that we can't sell it to our users like this. 
We should still upgrade the current Wiki installation to 1.3.8 though. 
The actual Wiki maintainers (James and Nicholas) seem MIA, so IMHO we 
should take it over.
Good summary!

> 2. TikiWiki
> Not actually a Wiki, but a CMS with a Wiki plugin. Very easy to install, 
> various nice features, but I don't think we should use it, as we are not 
> looking anymore for a traditional CMS. Even if we still wanted a 
> full-featured CMS, there are other CMSes (like Plone :) which are better than 
> TikiWiki, IMO.

Yep, totally agree. It also has way too many features, which has some 
disadvantages, (complicate our installation, make us more vulnerable to 

> 3. TWiki
> Conclusion: I think TWiki should be our first Wiki installation to be 
> publically tested on It has all features we may 
> need, specially full ACL support (which I've not tested yet; see 
> for a nice guide).

I agree. How is performance? It doesn't matter for us if installation is 
a bit more difficult. We should take care of upgrading though, 
especially if we modify our installation a lot. Ideally, we'd make 
patches or plugins. I'd like some other text formatting rules.
I say we proceed with testing TWiki. If it's good enough for 
freedesktop, it should be good enough for us!

I assume you take care of installation ;-) Good luck,

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