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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Apr 7 09:10:04 PDT 2004

From: Karl Wilbur <karl at>

> I know that posting in English is covered in the Netiquette, however there is no
> explanation of this when attempting to sent a message to a list.  For example a
> person goes to an lfs site, clicks "Mailing Lists", clicks "lfs-support", clicks
>  "lfs-support at" and there was nothing that told them about
> what is expected from people who use these lists.  This point is more of a
> website issue than a BLFS issue or a mailing-lists issue though.

Good point (thanks for the notification Bill). I've done two things:

1. added the following line to subscribe.html, a Mailman template which 
is shown when a user has subscribed:
"Before you post to a list, please read the netiquette rules. Thanks and 
have fun!" ("the netiquette rules" is a link to the FAQ)

2. Add a similar statement to each -support, -dev and -discuss 
mailinglist in mail.html on the website.

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