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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Sun Apr 4 23:07:48 PDT 2004

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 04/05/04 02:22:
> As I've said on a previous post, I've just started a new curse at university 

It sometimes feels like a curse yes, but most of the time it's very 
pleasant :-)

> These days I'll be evaluating PHPWiki (the current wiki engine from the Wiki 
> team). Jeroen, I see you did some experiments with PHPWiki, so if you would 
> like to antecipate any problems you've encountered (specially usability 
> issues), please feel free to report them!

You can skip the latest release from PhpWiki (1.3.7), because only 
current CVS from PhpWiki seems to have most of the features we need. I 
couldn't get user auth & ACL's working properly yet on my local machine, 
but maybe you have more luck.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve with user auth:
* Setup a couple of predefined user accounts for current LFS members, 
with password, with groups LFS, ALFS, BLFS, etc.
* Everybody should be able to view everything by default, edit requires 
* signin requires WikiName and password (min. 3 characters), however 
people can create their own accounts, group USERS
* we should be able to change USERS's group if someone becomes an LFS member
* ACL's - not sure how well these are supported in current CVS, however 
I think only "our" users should be able to set them, if possible. We 
will probably want to lock certain sections from USERS but not from 
group members.

Probably it would be easiest to setup external authentication, but I 
kind of like the idea that selfmade users should be able to reset their 
account by erasing their own page.

Good luck!

> Thanks for your patience :)

No problem :)

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