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Sun Apr 4 16:59:58 PDT 2004

Em Dom 04 Abr 2004 05:25, James O'Kane escreveu:
> I get this error from the above url. I know it's because of the ' in my
> name, but my last name is valid despite what your script says.
> -james
> ======
> Invalid value for Name
> Input string was: James O'Kane
> which didn't match the following regular expression:
> ^(\w+[\s\w\-\.]*\w+)*$

Hi James,

I've modified the script so now you should be able to use single-quotes on 
your name. Thanks for your report.

Gerard, I've made the following change to the lfscounter.cgi script:

-my $name_regex = '^(\w+[\s\w\-\.]*\w+)*$';
+my $name_regex = q/^(\w+[\s\w\-\.']*\w+)*$/;

(just used the generic quote operator and added the single-quote to the 

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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