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> Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 09/26/03 02:50:
> > Just to let you guys know, our bandwidth usage is within acceptable
> > limits: around 2 GB/day now. We can use on average 2.5 GB a 
> day (our 
> > monthly limit is 75 GB) so we're at least in the safe zone. We're 
> > still working on lessening this, but the heat is off.
> Thank god, so this means we don't have to take any drastic 
> and unpopular measures for now?
> I think we should stimulate the P2P initiative some more. We 
> need to make sure that a downloadable tarball exist for each 
> book release. This contains all the packages one needs, 
> patches and those rendered copies of the book, a list of 
> MD5sums and the complete package digitally signed with GPG. 
> This also needs to be available *before* the release so we 
> can refer people to it in the announcement. I know Jeremy is 
> helping with distributing; make sure other people with 
> bandwidth share this package. 

I second that opinion. After i tried to download Redhat9 yesterday and
got either a "Too many anonymous users logged in" Message or an
incredible Download rate of about 6 KB/s, i see how important P2P can
I think that BitTorrent can be used as Primary distribution channel, but
we need some more seeders. At the Moment, i am the only permanent seed,
and my line is a 128 Kbit Upload line - if we could install BitTorrent
on the LFS Server and encourage some Mirrors to install it as well, we
may have very good load balancing. If we have about 5 Permanent seeders,
that should already be enough.
LFS-4.1 Packages were downloaded 7 times since the Tracker is up (not
counting test Downloads), so at least it works. (Statistics are
available at BTW)

The FTP/HTTP Downloads should still stay (not everyone can install
BitTorrent on their Machine), but i think that BT should be the primary
source for the Packages Tarball.
Can you see how many People download the Tarball and how many get the
wget Script?

> Gerard, we really need to coordinate this effort a bit to 
> make it work. 
> There are people willing to share but if there aren't enough, 
> downloading will be very slow and people will be disappointed.

Yup, as i said: I have 16k Upload rate and i am the only permanent
seeder at the moment. If we encourage the Mirrors to install BT, we can
balance the Load very good between the Servers (as i said, 5 or 6
seeders would be enough to start with).
(I prefer BT over *Donkey, because the latter one has a bad reputation)

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