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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Sep 25 17:50:38 PDT 2003

Just to let you guys know, our bandwidth usage is within acceptable
limits: around 2 GB/day now. We can use on average 2.5 GB a day (our
monthly limit is 75 GB) so we're at least in the safe zone. We're still
working on lessening this, but the heat is off. is where the stats are
on a per-subdomain basis. The "all" directory (/webalizer/all/) are the
stats of all the domains merged for easy keeping track of where things
are on a global level. The "All" stats didn't start until the 21st of
this month, so it's still pretty new.

But, from the 21st up to now, 20% of all traffic is images, with
blfs-support.mbox.bz2 downloads on second place (5% of all traffic), the
/ access is 3rd with 3.9% and the stylesheets #4 with 3%.

That's a nice 25% traffic of just pretty pictures and stylesheets. I
have gotten an email from Jeremy to the server-admin list regarding
Caching. I've quickly looked into Apache's mod_expires module and it
seems to do what we need. I'll look into this asap and have to figure
out how to properly test this.

I'm guessing I can tell Apache to have expire info for .html files and I
can create a 100 MB or something large html file in a test subdomain,
load it once and then a second time and check the iptables HTTP-OUT byte
counter making sure it's not increasing by 100 MB to my IP addy.

If somebody knows of an easier test, do let me know. I'm all for saving
time ;)

Gerard Beekmans

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